Polylana® Fiber Debuts at ISPO Munich: Showcasing Sustainable Alternatives

We are excited to share that Polylana® fiber made its debut at the esteemed ISPO Munich, a renowned trade show for the outdoor industry, held from November 28 to November 30, 2022. This influential event provided a valuable platform for showcasing sustainable alternatives to acrylic and promoting the need for change in the outdoor sector.

ISPO Munich serves as a vital catalyst in driving the outdoor industry towards a more sustainable future. With a growing emphasis on eco-consciousness and a deep connection to nature, the demand for sustainable materials has never been greater. It is within this context that Polylana® fiber shines as an innovative solution, offering remarkable environmental advantages without compromising on performance.

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During the event, Polylana® fiber products, including knitted gloves and hats, were introduced, capturing the attention of attendees. The diverse range of showcased items exemplified the versatility of Polylana® fiber, showcasing its softness, warmth, and vibrant color options. This presentation demonstrated how sustainable alternatives can elevate the outdoor experience while reducing the industry's environmental impact.

The presence of Polylana® fiber at ISPO Munich highlights the industry's growing commitment to sustainable practices. By embracing this eco-friendly material, brands and consumers alike contribute to a positive shift towards a more conscious and responsible approach to outdoor gear and apparel.

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At Polylana®, we are immensely proud to have participated in ISPO Munich, sharing our commitment to sustainability and inspiring others to embrace sustainable alternatives. The event serves as a reminder of the ongoing need to prioritize environmental consciousness in the outdoor industry.

About Polylana®

The fiber that keeps you warm and the planet cooler. Polylana® fiber replaces traditional acrylic and wool fibers . Acrylonitrile free, low environmental impact, low temperature dyeing, 100% recyclable and vegan. Switch to Polylana® fiber for a better option in your textile production.

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