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Berlin-based sustainable company, share, has taken a pledge to promote a fairer world by using their everyday operations to support a wide variety of projects. Every product sold includes a donation towards a social project, with the four fundamental needs in view, including drinking water, food, hygiene, and education. Their range of products includes food, beverages, care products, stationery, and now a new beanie made with Polylana® fiber, supporting their "heart project".


The new beanie made with Polylana® fiber is not only cozy and warm but also supports a homeless person's night in an emergency shelter through the purchase of the beanie. The beanie is made with 73% of Polylana® fiber, making it an eco-friendly choice. Unlike other acrylic-based products, the production with Polylana® fiber reduces water consumption, CO2 emissions and is acrylonitrile-free.

Furthermore, the use of Polylana® fiber in the beanie achieves the same warm and soft feel as natural wool. By purchasing a share beanie with Polylana® fiber, consumers not only keep themselves warm but also contribute to social welfare and environmental protection.

Since 2018, share is a certified B Corporation. The "B" in B Corp stands for "Benefit," and companies that hold this certification are recognised for their commitment to social and environmental performance. The B Corp certification helps consumers identify companies that are not only focused on profits but are committed to achieving a positive impact on society and the environment.


To support share's mission and purchase a beanie made with Polylana® fiber, click here.

About Polylana®

The fiber that keeps you warm and the planet cooler. Polylana® fiber replaces traditional acrylic and wool fibers . Acrylonitrile free, low environmental impact, low temperature dyeing, 100% recyclable and vegan. Switch to Polylana® fiber for a better option in your textile production.

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